Ahura Ragnarok Online is private server that caters to the needs of social and thrill seeking game players alike. With exciting game and fun stuffs, We will make sure to fullfill your desires to develop a unique features that we are sure you'll love.

We make sure that all classes are equally balanced and competitive by doing trial and errors so that there will be no domination class in specific. We are also aiming for a balance community by setting this mobs respawn rate and its to above normal chances and time this to ensure that it will not be easy to grind zeny and stuffs.
Monster Rates
EXP Rates: 8000x / 8000x
Normal Rates: Common 500x / Heal 500x / Usable 500x / Equip 500x / Card 1500x
Mini Boss Rates: Common 400x / Heal 400x / Usable 400x / Equip 400x / Card 500x
Boss Rates: Common 300x / Heal 300x / Usable 300x / Equip 300x / Card 100x

Class Informations
Available Classes: Expanded & Transcendent Classes
Instant & Aspd Rate: 150 dex & 195 aspd
Expanded Classes: 300/120
Expanded Max Stats: 300
Transcendent Classes: 255/120
Transcendent Max Stats: 255

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